About Hankavan

Hankavan, resort in Armenia

Hankavan is a resort situated in Kotayk region, RA, in the beautiful gorge of the river Marmarik. The resort Hankavan bears the status of small village and is considered as one of the ecologically clean places of Armenia with a rich nature. This heavenly-like place is situated 1900m above the sea level. The village Hankavan is surrounded by rocky mountains, the slopes of which are covered with grass, meadows and magnificent flowers.

Also, khachkars of 11-12 centuries, necropolis, a Greek church from 19th century have been preserved in Hankavan. There is also a famous reservoir on the road of Hankavan, the pure water of which reflects the mighty and beautiful mountains. The reservoir has all the opportunities to become a place for fishing and rest. Hankavan is also known for its hot waters, which attract tourists who always return to the hot center of Hankavan.

Resorts, pensions, hotels, restaurants, places of rest

Hankavan is one of the well-known places of rest in Armenia. Thousands of tourists from Armenia or other countries choose Hankavan every year, since they want to be near the nature, taking therapies in rest houses and enjoy the organic, tasty food. Every tourist who visits Hankavan thinks about his night stay, since Hankavan is rich with hotels, pensions, rest and guest houses. Hotels, pensions, guest and rest houses in Hankavan are the best choice for the perfect rest.

Weather in Hankavan

The weather in Hankavan, which is one of the most beautiful places in Armenia, is quite mild. It's not that hot in summer here, the winter is mild, and you can enjoy the velvety weather in autumn. The average temperature in July and August is 16-18 ° C, in January the average temperature is -7 ° C. You can find many therapeutic means in Hankavan - hot healing water, regenerative and environmentally clean air, alpine climate. You can also cure such diseases as gastroenteric and metabolic disorders in Hankavan. Many scientists have examined the healing waters of Hankavan, proving that the water of Hankavan has a great therapeutical meaning due to its chemical composition.

Prices in Hankavan

Prices for the rest in Hankavan are low and affordable for anyone who wants to rest in Hankavan. You can enjoy your family rest at the guest house "Anush", 300km far from the healing waters, at favorable prices and good conditions.

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