New Year 2017 in Hankavan

Day by day, the New Year 2017 is approaching. Each of us strives to celebrate the New Year in a joyful and warm atmosphere.


The New Year in Armenia is one of the favorite holidays. In recent years, many families prefer to celebrate the New Year and spend their New Year holidays in Armenia outside their cities: in hotels, rest houses and health centers, thus escaping from the pre-holiday bustle and hustle.

The New Year in Armenia is considered a family holiday, since it is accepted to celebrate this holiday with family and friends.

New Year in Hankavan

New Year holidays in Armenia will be more enjoyable, if you spend it in Hankavan surrounded by snow-capped mountains and forests, where the mild and sunny winter creates the most incredible fabulous scenery.

The coming New Year 2017 has many surprises in the store, and holding the New Year in Hankavan is even more promising. If you want to celebrate the New Year 2017 and spend New Year holidays in a warm family atmosphere, get pleasant memories, the rest house "Anush" will be the best choice for you. Here you will be the participants of a fun New Year feast, taste the delicious, fresh holiday dishes prepared with great care by our chef. In addition, special surprises await our little guests.

Outdoor enthusiasts will also like the New Year holidays in Armenia, particularly, the New Year in Hankavan. The rest house "Anush" offers its visitors tours and excursions to the rich forests of Hankavan, numerous natural attractions: a waterfall of Hankavan, to the reservoir, as well as to alpine sources.The guests, who prefer to spend their holidays outdoors and enjoy the winter with all its beauty and usefulness, are offered skis and sleds. The most adventurous guests can also use the sleighs. In other words, a real Christmas fairytale is waiting for you... Tours and excursions in Armenia will help fully disclose all the extraordinary beauty of the nature of our country.

New Year holidays in Armenia, prices

Every year more and more tourists from Armenia and abroad prefer to spend their holidays in Hankavan. This place gives the opportunity to completely break away from the outer world and enjoy the family holiday in comfortable and supportive environment.

If you want to celebrate the New Year in a warm family atmosphere and with reasonable prices, experience an unforgettable holiday in nature, as well as get rid of all the pre-holiday troubles, the rest house "Anush" in Hankavan is the perfect choice for you.

The rest house "Anush" offers affordable and reasonable prices for spending holidays and celebrating the New Year with family.

You can find our prices HERE.

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